Brayden's Trail Of Strength

                                                                                      SPONSORSHIP FORM 

NAME: ______________________________________________________________________________
BUSINESS: __________________________________________________________________________
PHONE:  _____________________________________________________________________________
Please select a level of sponsorship:
______  Level 5  $50 or Less
              •A sincere "Thank You" from the Blackwell Family.
______  Level 4  $75
              •Your name/business name on the back of the Official Race T-Shirt.
______  Level 3  $100
              •Your Company's Logo on the back of the Official Race T-Shirt.
              •Will receive one event t-shirt.   
                    _____ S  _____ M  _____ L  _____ XL _____ 2XL
_______  Level 2 $150
              •Your company’s logo on the back of the Official Race T-Shirt.
              •Will receive two event t-shirts.   
                    Please write the number of t-shirts and what sizes you would like.
                    _____ S  _____ M  _____ L  _____ XL  ____ 2XL
______  Level 1 $250+
              •Recognized as a major sponsor. Large Logo on Official Race T-Shirt. 

              •Will also receive a space/area on the Registration/Information table to

                advertise their business. (Pamphlets, flyers, cups, etc.)

              •Receive up to three event t-shirts.
                    _____ S  _____ M  _____ L  _____ XL  ____ 2XL
Please make checks payable to:  The Chromosome18 Registry & Research Society c/o Susan Blackwell.  Any company sponsoring at level 3 or 4, please include a business card or something with your company logo on it for t-shirt imprint. Money is due no later than July 22, 2024, to help purchase event items.
               Mail to:     Susan Blackwell
                               110 Confer Lane
                               Wellsboro, Pa 16901
             Contact:     (570) 787-3490